Step 1

Upload Lists, Invite Partners, Securely Share Accounts

After you join, upload your target prospect and customer lists, invite your current and future partners, then securely share to find opportunities.

Our platform will identify the matches and proactively notify you as more shared leads, opportunities, and customers become available.

Step 2

Discover New Opportunities

When our platform identifies opportunities between you and your partners’ prospects and customers, you will be notified to take action. Include additional data like contacts, deal stages, deal sizes, or other information you’d like to provide.

Sharing controls allow your partners to see as much or as little as you decide. Generate net-new opportunities in partner shared partner accounts immediately.

Step 3

Close Deals and Book Revenue

By getting warm introductions from trusted partners, your new prospects should close faster and at a higher value. Plus, you will find new opportunities to bring to your partners to help their business and create stickier customers.

Start closing more deals and revenue from your partner program, the best near-term and long-term channel for efficient revenue growth. Exceed your quota and distance yourself from competition.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many lists and accounts can I upload?

For all plans, you can upload unlimited lists, prospect and customer accounts, and the matching will run for all of them, depending on sharing settings with each partner.

How many partners can I invite?

Depending on your plan, the amount of partners you can invite ranges from 50 to unlimited. You can always upgrade the amount of invites you are able to send.

Can I export and share the matches?

Depending on your plan type, you can get unlimited exports and shares with your matches or none. Please request access to discover more.

What type of support do you offer?

We offer support for all plan types, but it will vary depending on your plan type. Our offerings range from dedicated account management with direct phone, email, and Slack to access to our customer success team.

Join the Movement

Truly aligned and strategic partnerships are where businesses accelerate and large deals are closed faster. Not only will this revenue injection help you hit your numbers this month and this quarter, but this is how you can expand your moat from your competition and cement your company as the world-class leader in the space.